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The World's Billionaires-2006

Forbes annual ranking of the very richest people on the planet

With 23 of its 1.1 billion citizens in the list, India has become the seventh largest contributor to the club, behind only the United States, which has 371 billionaires, Germany (55), Russia (33), Japan (27), China including Hong Kong (25) and the UK (24).

According to Forbes, this year list is a record 793, up 102 from last year. They’re worth a combined $2.6 trillion, up 18% since last March. Their average net worth: $3.3 billion.

Strong stock markets around the world (the U.S. being the notable exception) contributed to this surge in wealth. India, whose BSE SENSEX market was up 54% in the past 12 months, is home to 10 new billionaires.

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