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Job Opportunities in Emerging Sectors- A Study

High consumer spending has spawned a huge interest in the retail sector, which is still 97 per cent unorganized. As of today the Government allows FDI in single brand retail and Cash and Carry business. It is estimated that the sector will add USD 14 billion in terms of market size by 2010 to cross USD 21.5 billion. As per the study, retail is expected to churn out the maximum number of job opportunities among the upcoming fields after IT/ITES. The forecasts suggest that the sector may create 2,000,000 jobs by 2010 directly through retail operations.

With the business travel increasing at a rapid pace and Commonwealth Games round the corner, hoteliers are in the expansion mode. The sector would need a fresh workforce of at least 94,000 by 2010-11. The HR managers are looking to hire graduates from home science, commerce, physics and engineering for the sector. Trained personnel are required for food and beverage, house keeping and front office & customer care.

Bollywood driven music industry including expanding reach of FM is leading to expansion of the entertainment sector in a big way. Besides, the content creating firms for the television have grown manifolds. The animation industry has grown by over 30 per cent on year-on-year basis in the last three years and looks promising in the time to come as well. The segment alone would need close to 300,000 professionals by 2009.

The aviation sector in India is growing at a whopping 25 per cent per annum, creating abounding job opportunities. The sector is particularly faced with a crunch of pilots. The industry is expected to add 130 airliners to the current fleet of 270 airliners, which would further generate a huge demand of manpower. The openings would be generated in the areas of flight dispatchers, cabin crew, airline managers, airport managers and ground handling personnel. The industry would create 200,000 jobs by 2017.

Growing at more than 10 per cent for the past three years, Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services have outpaced overall GDP growth. Consequently, there are abundant opportunities in finance and more will pour in the years to come. With investment and banking companies growing at a rapid pace there would be many vacancies in retail banking, asset management and financial management inter alia.

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