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Why Brand and Visibility?

Consumers prefer to buy from companies that have a good brand image, particularly in technology markets where the products are relatively complex and often not fully understood. Cautious nature of banking decision-making with regard to technology products makes it even more difficult for unknown companies to sell to them. In India, there are nearly 365 companies in Software & services industry which offer solutions for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector (Source-Nasscom).

In these circumstances, it is your brand & visibility that will make your company stand out from the crowd in what are now very congested markets. Heightened awareness leads to an increased presence in the target market's mind. This is important as it triggers brand familiarity and preference when selecting a brand from a wide range of competing brands. The stronger the presence of the company in the target market's mind, the higher the chances that product will be preferred over others.

Your website can act as a bridge between your marketing and sales.The current landscape of business, especially in the US and Europe, is indicative of the absolute necessity of a significant Web presence. A common thread amongst most successful organisations and business entities has been their willingness and commitment to use the Internet for information dissemination as well as a medium to do business.

How we can help?

Following options on provide the most cost effective & focused means of building up visibility in the Banking, finance & insurance industry worldwide:

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# helps in driving decision makers to your website from 2000 organizations, worldwide. It also build up Visibility of your company & products in the minds of the decision makers & influencers in the BFSI Industry as well as Other Corporate.

# Top Search Engines primarily send visitors who in the BFSI community are responsible for purchasing the software and hardware technology as well as software distributors and consultants who are looking for new products to represent.

# Presence on help in improving ranking of your company website in search engines as Banknet India's website is visited by the "spiders" of major search engines very frequently & they pick up the names, key words from for search positioning. has been used in past by nearly 80 IT companies to build up their brand and visibility in the banking & financial sector. Advertising provide the most cost effective & focused means of building up visibility in the Banking, finance & insurance industry worldwide. Our Website has uptime record of nearly 100% is ranked among the Top 25 banking sites and Top 20 banking technology sites and resources online in the world., has 50,000+ professionals as members, subscribers from 2,500 organizations from more than 100 countries.

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