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Personal Disaster Management- 10 Tips for Executives

Every monsoon Mumbai prepares for confluence of heavy rains and high tide. But torrential downpour on 26th July 2005, which suddenly flooded Mumbai, stopped rail and bus traffic, silenced mobiles and land lines and tripped power lines. Above all the roads were blocked. People were stuck at workplaces, stations, in cars. Elderly people and kids were left alone at home.

All combined was catastrophic. Modern day executive accessories like mobiles, laptops and chauffer driven cars suddenly were of no help.

Banknet India Team has tried to figure out few important safeguards or precautions for the executives to handle such calamities.

1. Charge your mobiles, laptops every morning. Keep accessories like car chargers .

2. Keep your important data especially contact details in non electronic format also.

3. Compulsorily have one MTNL line at home as well as office.

4. Battery Torch/ Candles are a must at both home, office and car. Don't forget some match-boxes too.

5. Some eatables like cookies and water bottle can always be useful.

6. Keep First Aid Kit with pain killers, antiseptic creams etc in home/office/car.

7. Keep spare batteries of all sizes at home/office.

8. More is better. Be part of a group, when moving out.

9. Walking continues to be the safest and most dependable mode of transportation. So being fit is always good for health.

10. Above all never panic have faith and patience.

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