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Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09- Annual Supplement 2006


Because of a rich tradition of craftsmanship, enterprise and availability of skilled, low cost manpower India has the potential to become an international hub for Gems and Jewellery. We have already introduced some measures in the Budget. The diamond trade, which was concentrated in Antwerp, is moving out – to Dubai, to Tel Aviv. I want Mumbai be right up there, and not lose out to its fellow Asian cities. This Supplement now introduces a number of measures for facilitating export of value added products catering to changing needs of the market and facilitating easier product movement across the borders and allowing import of precious metal scrap for refining.

(a) We have large unutilized melting, refining and jewellery-making production capacity. To enable such capacities to be used in a productive manner, import of precious metal scrap and used jewellery will now be allowed for melting, refining and re-export of jewellery. However, such import will not be allowed through hand baggage.

(b) Gems & Jewellery exporters will now be allowed to re-import the rejected precious metal jewellery subject to refund of duty exemption benefits on the inputs only and not the duty on jewellery as was being done earlier.

(c) Many a times exporters faced the dilemma of unsold jewellery in the foreign markets because of changing designs and other such factors. To overcome this problem, Gems & Jewellery exporters will now, be allowed to export jewellery on consignment basis.

(d) Treatment of cut and polished precious and semi-precious stones enhance the quality and afford higher value in the international market. For this purpose, Gems & Jewellery exporters will now be allowed to export such items for treatment and subsequent re-import, within a period of 120 days.

(e) Increase of gold and silver prices in the international market over the past few years has made the present value addition norms on export of gold & silver jewellery unrealistic. The value addition norm for such items is being reduced from 7% to 4.5%.

Such measures will help Indian Gems and Jewellery to sparkle on the world stage.

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