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Banking Software

The Software Packages for Banking Applications in India had their beginnings in the middle of 80s, when the Banks. spurred on by RBI and the Rangarajan Committee Report, started computerising the branches in a limited manner. The approach was to empanel a few hardware vendors who will also develop the software as per Bank's specifications and also help to install at the branches. This was a multi-vendor approach to foster competition and to assess the relative vendor capabilities. These packages were written usually in fox-pro or C and were dos-based - and rarely Unix-based.

The early 90s saw the plummeting hardware prices and advent of cheap and inexpensive but high-powered PCs and servers and Banks went in for what was called Total Branch Automation (TBA) Packages. Architecturally, some were centralised solutions with a powerful central server maintaining the database, with multiple terminals; others went in for distributed processing with multiple PCs as nodes linked on a LAN. The Platforms used ranged from simple UNIX-C to powerful RDBMS like Oracle etc.

The middle and late 90s witnessed the tornado of financial reforms, deregulation, globalisation etc coupled with rapid revolution in communication technologies and evolution of novel concept of 'convergence' of computer and communication technologies, like Internet, mobile / cell phones etc. The arrival of foreign and private banks with their superior state-of-the-art technology-based services pushed Indian Banks also to follow suit by going in for the latest technologies so as to meet the threat of competition and retain customer base. This also brought in revolutionary products and services to which, we are proud to say, the Indian Software Industry has significantly contributed.

Categories of Packages

The IT Packages and services available in India can be broadly classified into the following 6 types:

(I) Stand-alone branch-level packages-

(ii) Multi-branch solutions -

(iii) Foreign Packages -

(iv) Packages for specialized niche areas -

(v) Service Branch / high-volume transaction processing packages -

(vi) IT Services -

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Thus, we have a wide spectrum of Banking Software available in the market to cater to the various needs of the banking Industry. There are number of software companies , which are developing software for banking industry. To read about products of some major software companies CLICK HERE

Our aim here is to feature these products for the information of both users & vendors / developers. We have started with the information provided by vendors / developers and no attempt is made to evaluate or comment on them.In due course however, we propose to evaluate, compare, categorize, rate and benchmark these products. While our endeavor will be to cover as many products as have come to our attention, visitors/ vendors who are aware of other products/details not covered are requested to write to us with details so that we can feature them.

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