Chennai hangouts



Located 12 km south of Cholamandal, a reasonably new place presented by the Chennai Crafts Foundation as a showpiece of different living styles in the South. You can admire traditional arts from Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and AndhraPradesh. Contains recreations of Brahmin, Chettinad, potters, a basket weaver's, a silk weaver's houses along with live representations of their craft. Similarly the Kerala section has a Syrian Christian house, a Menon house etc. Very authentic since the dwellings were actually bought from their places of origin and replanted here. There is an accompanying audio-visual presentation and a little gift shop. Very well done and definitely worth a visit.

Pulicat (54 km)

Site of an Old Dutch settlement dating back to 1609, today, Pulicat is a picnic spot famed for its lake. There are amenities for swimming, fishing, and windsurfing. History-buffs can wander around the ancient Dutch cemetery with its well-preserved tombstones.

MGM Dizee World (20 km)

An amusement park complete with Roller Coasters and Water Slides and Giant Catherine Wheels - fun place for kids.


One of the oldest towns in South India is the abode of goddess Meenakshi, the consort of Lord Sundereswarar (Shiva). Legend has it, that when a Pandya king founded the town of Madurai some thousands of years ago, Lord Shiva was present. Moreover, the nectar falling off his hair gave the town its name of Madurai or city of nectar


The famous Rock Fort is precariously perched atop a massive outcrop of rock that rises abruptly out of the flat surrounding plain. Set in the middle of the town on the bank of the river Cauvery, it is visible for miles around and it. A citadel of the Chola kings in the Sangam period (2 BC to 2 AD) the Rock Fort has had a long and chequered history.

Art of Fishing

New No. 6, Saraswathi Street, Mahalingapuram Go deep sea fishing trips (Mackrel, Tuna and Barracuda), Fresh water trips

World Wide Fund for Nature

123/5 (Old No. 115) 1st Floor, TTK Road, Alwarpet Activities include camps, slide shows, film shows, field trips, puppet shows, nature walks, seminars, exhibitions etc

Tarsha Water Sports Complex

Tarsha Water Sports is the first water sports facility for children, youngsters and families. It is located approximately 15 kilometers from Mahabalipuram on the East Coast Road. The water sports that are available are Water Skiing, Wake Boarding and Knee Boarding .

List of Top Restaurants in Chennai


This restaurant offers authentic South Indian dishes. Anjappar came into existence in 1964 with more than forty years of experience and at present forty outlets all across Chennai. They serve traditional dishes of Chettinaad to visitors. The restaurant is situated in Anna Nagar.

Shanghai Club

This rooftop Chinese restaurant is very popular with people. It is situated in the 5-star hotel of Chola Sheraton. It is famous for serving authentic Chinese cuisine. The ambience of the restaurant is excellent.


This restaurant is situated on the eighth floor of The Park Hotel. Aqua is a continental restaurant with a modern Mediterranean feel. The Barbecue and the sunset cocktails are the specialties on Wednesdays. An average meal for two will cost around Rs 1600.


This restaurant serves Continental food blended with spices and herbs from Middle and Far East Asia. You can enjoy your sumptuous dish in this air-conditioned restaurant. Credit cards are accepted in this restaurant.


This restaurant is considered the best Thai restaurant. It serves mouth-watering food. The service provided in the restaurant is excellent and courteous. The interior of the restaurant is tastefully done. It is well known for its seafood as well as selection of meat and vegetarian fare, from char-grilled duck to old-fashioned stir fries. It is located in TTK Road, Alwarpet.


Dakshin serves top-class southern dishes from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is popular for its seafood, ranging from fish and prawn to lobster and squid dishes. You can enjoy live music while gorging on the food. It is located in the ITC Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers, TTK Road.