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Water Borne Diseases- How to Prevent and Protect?
[Dr Amitabh Khanna is a practicing senior consultant cardiologist and general physician at Dwarka, New Delhi. He is also President of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dwarka. He can be contacted at 9312224549, 9810949594]

Every year, the rainy season brings great cheers &celebration. Not only does it provide relief from the severe heat, it also helps to supplement our depleting water resources. On the flip side however, monsoon is also the time when we see a spurt in water borne diseases, which are responsible for causing lot of misery. It is therefore important to learn a little more about the common waterborne diseases & how to prevent them.

Common water borne diseases are;-

1) hepatitis A, Hepatitis E

2) poliomyelitis

3) typhoid, paratyphoid

4) gastroenteritis

5) cholera

These diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms which are transmitted from one person to other through contaminated water.

Other diseases common in rainy season like DENGUE & MALARIA, which are transmitted through mosquitoes and show an increase during rainy season due to increased mosquito breeding.

Symptoms: Usually patient will complain of one or more of following:-

a) loose motions

b) vomiting

c) abdominal pain/ cramps

d) jaundice:-yellowness of eyes, passing high colored urine

e) dehydration

f) fever with chill

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