Non Resident Indians & Overseas Indians - Other Facilities


Other facilities available to NRIs are Loans from authorized dealers, relatives etc, import of gold / silver, facilities for insurance, education, visa rules etc. Further facilities given to NRIs/POIs for granting loans to residents and resident companies.

Other facilities available to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) with follwing details are available in NRIs Handbook for Banking & Investments

Authorised Dealers (ADs) Rupee Loans to NRIs
Loans by Indian Companies to NRI Staff
Loans by Housing Finance Institutions
Payment of Interest on Delayed Refunds
Loans Abroad against Securities Provided in India
Loans in India against Guarantees by Non Residents
Payment to Non Resident Directors
Remittance of Current Income by NRIs
Import of Gold/Silver
Incorporation of a Company & more...

Detailed information on all Investment Options for NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, OCBs are available in 6th Edition of NRIs Handbook for Banking & Investments . This report also provides updated information of all the services available to the NRIs / PIOs/ OCBs as well as Foreign Investors. It does not just give information on accounts or investment; it gives much more than that. All editions of Handbook had received great response & subscribed by NRIs, bankers, consultants across the globe from nearly 40 countries. This handbook is edited by Senior Bankers, including those who have worked in the Reserve Bank of India & Treasury of Banks... Read more


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