Non Resident Indians & Overseas Indians - Investment Options


Appreciating the role of Non Resident Indians in the economic development of the country, the Government has progressively announced various schemes to facilitate investment by Non Resident Indians. Investment options are available to the NRIs both on repatriation and non repatriation basis. Foreign direct investment both under the Automatic Route as well as Foreign Technical collaborations is permissible. They can participate in issue of ADRs / GDRs.

Special Facilities are available for Investment by NRIs in Housing and Real Estate. 100% investment with repatriation benefits is allowed in specific cases.

A Non Resident Indian or Person of Indian Origin may, without limit, purchase on repatriation basis:
Government dated securities (other than bearer securities) or treasury bills or units of domestic mutual funds;
Bonds issued by a public sector undertaking (PSU) in India.

A Non Resident Indian or an Overseas Corporate Body may, without limit, purchase on non-repatriation basis:
Units of Money Market Mutual Funds
Non Convertible Debentures
Commercial Papers
Make deposits with Companies

Portfolio Investments
NRIs and PIOs may purchase/sell shares and/or convertible debentures of an Indian company, through a registered stock broker on a recognised stock exchange, subject to conditions.

Detailed information on all Investment Options for NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, OCBs are available in 6th Edition of NRIs Handbook for Banking & Investments . This report also provides updated information of all the services available to the NRIs / PIOs/ OCBs as well as Foreign Investors. It does not just give information on accounts or investment; it gives much more than that. All editions of Handbook had received great response & subscribed by NRIs, bankers, consultants across the globe from nearly 40 countries. This handbook is edited by Senior Bankers, including those who have worked in the Reserve Bank of India & Treasury of Banks... Read more


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