Banknet's "Second Annual Conference on ATM Industry" will be organised on 16th May 2008 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India. ATM Conference will bring together prominent speakers from ATM Industry and major Indian & foreign banks.

Conference will provide an update on the key trends and developments in the ATM Industry and will discuss and debate on the related issues. Conference sessions will feature presentations, panel discussions and interactive Q&A from participants.

In addition there will be a Special Session on Kiosks, which will comprise of presentations by Kiosk Vendors.

"Banknet's Second Edition of Report on Indian ATM Industry" will also be released at the conference.

Conference will discuss and debate related issues and seek answers to questions like:

What are the key trends relating to growth and use of ATMs in India?
What are the factors limiting ATM growth?
How well have ATMs helped banks in improving profitability and retaining customers?
What are the key ATM usage and transaction fee trends?
Is regulation necessary in transaction fees by various networks in connecting ATMs?
How will integration of various networks help in connectivity?
How effectively are banks using the rapid growth of ATMs by other banks?
What are other non-banking opportunities for banks via this channel?
What value-added services can be given to customers?
What are the prospects of ATMs at Points-of-Sale?
What are the newest technologies and applications of promise?
How can white-label ATMs help the customer? What's in it for banks and service providers?
How can biometric ATMs help in financial inclusion?
Should third parties advertisement be allowed?
.. And much more

Table of content of Report on Indian ATM Industry (To be released on 16th May 2008):

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of World ATM Market
3. Overview of ATM industry in India
a. Growth of ATMs in India
b. Transaction Volumes
c. Functionality
4. Interbank Networks in India
a. Communication Network
b. Ownership Structure
c. Fee Structure
d. ATM Networks
e. Categories of ATM Transactions
5. ATM as Revenue Centre
a. Financial Benefits
b. Increase in Off-site ATMs
c. Growth Opportunities
6. Issues Related to ATM Industry
a. Consumer resistance
b. Cost, Maintenance and Technology Support
c. Frauds
7. Outsourcing trends in ATM banking
a. Reasons for Outsourcing
b. Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)
8. Future trends in ATM industry
a. Biometrics
b. White-label ATMs



For Sponsorships, Exhibition, Media Partnership, Delegate Registrations and other details mail us at conference@banknetindia.com or call at 91-22-67102091/ 26204181

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