Optional for Bank Customers to use Cheque Drop Facility
Banks to provide facility for acknowledgement of cheques

Most of the new generation private sector banks and foreign banks have introduced the drop box facility for depositing cheques. For banks, the facility has reduced the cost of servicing customers.

However, Reserve Bank of India /Banking Ombudsmen have been receiving complaints that many bank branches are not accepting cheques at the counters and are compelling the customers to drop the cheques in the cheque drop boxes.

Reserve Bank of India has therefore advised banks that customers should not be compelled to drop the cheques in the drop box.

While the cheque drop box facility may be made available to the customers, the facility for acknowledgement of the cheques at the regular collection counters should also be available to the customers. No branch should refuse to give an acknowledgement if the customer tenders the cheque at the counters.

Wherever the cheque drop box facility has been introduced, it is necessary that customer is made aware of both the options available to him, i.e. dropping cheques in the drop box or tendering them at the counters so that he can take an informed decision in this regard. Banks are, therefore, advised to invariably display on the Cheque Drop-Box itself that- 'Customers can also tender the cheques at the counter and obtain acknowledgement on the pay-in-slips'

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