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Banks among top 10 high stress workplaces

Top 10 Sectors in which the menace of Stress and mental fatigue has intensified in recent times at top & middle positions comprise Construction, Shipping, Banks, Government Hospitals, Star Trading Houses, Electronics & Print Media, Courier Companies, SSI, Retail & Card Franchise Cos. to deliver on deadlines. These places are becoming High Stress Zones like BPO, call centres and IT & ITEs sectors, according to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

In an analysis on `Level of Stress in Workplace’ conducted by ASSOCHAM, it has been revealed that top executives in these sectors brave stress and carry whom its adverse impact.

However, professional firms like CA, lawyers, tax consultants and sectors like automobile, infrastructure, advertising, NBCFs are found under stress but have better working conditions, says ASSOCHAM.

The key factors for heavy stress in above 10 areas are :

Scheduled Time period for completion of Targets & Projects
Overloaded work pressures throughout the year
High demand for Performance
Working conditions
Lack of staff
Threats from competitors

Banking sector players both public and private sector is growing at stupendous pace and each bank trying to attract large pool of customers for their various loan and FD schemes. Recovery of loans from companies and individuals are also becoming a gigantic task for these banks in view of higher interest rates which is unaffordable to customers. It has been found that these all activities are making an impact on the mental health of Branch Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales and Customer Care Executives etc.

For stress management, ASSOCHAM has suggested that employers should set up Rest Rooms and employees can also learn relaxation techniques—such as meditation, biofeedback, deep breathing or yoga-for 15 to 20 minutes during the work day, which can be effective stress busters. Effective time management and living in an organized way can save us from nagging day-to-day stressors.



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