Business Continuity Provides Opportunity for Competitive Advantage

Organizations are being encouraged to develop holistic strategies to prepare the entire organization for disruption at any level. However, this approach creates its own challenges, with multiple stakeholders, processes, and systems needing consideration.

"Business continuity is further up the corporate agenda than it has ever been and is no longer being viewed as a necessary burden but as an opportunity to increase productivity, retain customers, and gain revenue," said Martin Hingley, VP, Research, IDC.

A survey conducted at IDC's 2006 Business Continuity, Storage, and Security Conference identified that the key drivers for investment in business continuity solutions are security, centralization, compliance, and the requirement for 24 x 7 system availability.

More than 40% of organizations identified that security was their most "burning issue," while 100% expected an increase in their business continuity and storage spending. More than 80% of delegates at the event expected their IT budgets to grow in 2007.

Business continuity touches every part of the organization and with so many solutions coming to market there is great need for IT professionals to be kept informed of the latest technology advancements. IDC's annual Business Continuity for Competitive Advantage conference will provide insight into defining the risks at play and will offer practical advice on developing a holistic, effective business continuity program that will become a core part of the organizational culture and business routine.

(This is a press release of IDC)

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