NASSCOM sets up ‘Best Practises Committees’ to further strengthen work parctises and security in the BPO sector

NASSCOM on 12th March 2008 announced the setting up of regional ‘Best Practices Committees’ to further strengthen workplace related policies and standards, with a focus on physical security for employees in the BPO sector. The first such committee has been set up in Pune by NASSCOM and the BPO industry including companies in Pune like Wipro, WNS, IBM Daksh, Zensar and Serwizsol.

Given that the Industry predominantly functions during the night, and that it employs a high percentage of female workforce, the work environment including aspects like physical security and transport have become critical areas. The NASSCOM Pune Chapter has taken the lead in putting together the plan of action to ensure a world-class environment for the large number of people who aspire to join this Industry.”

The Code of Conduct delineates guidance on four counts of:

Security during the Commute
Transport and Security Vendor selection
Employee Communication
Security within the Premises

In each case, as relevant the appropriate actions for organisations and employees have been advised. This would serve as a minimum mandate for all companies that have signed up to this Committee.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM said, “The Indian IT-BPO industry despite being a relatively new industry has played a critical role in creating employment opportunities in India, currently employing 2 million individuals directly of which 700,000 are in the BPO sector alone thereby contributing substantially to the economic development of the country."

He added "Given that human resources are the foundation for this industry, most companies offer world class working environment to their employees and follow what can be called the highest standards of HR practices. However, sometimes, given the scale of the sector there have been a few unfortunate incidents for which the industry has been named responsible. NASSCOM and the IT industry are taking this initiative to ensure that we add to the existing practices to further strengthen the security practices and offer safer working environments to our employees.”




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