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India to be the most preferred destination for foreign investments

India is likely to see the highest growth in foreign investments and become the world leader for investment in manufacturing, according to a Global Corporate Capital Flows Survey by KPMG.

India can expect its share of international corporate investment to rise by 8 percent to 18 percent over the next five years, the largest increase recorded in this KPMG survey. It will move from seventh to fourth in the investment league table, overtaking the U.K., Germany and France.

Respondents expect India to do particularly well in industrial products, where it will displace the U.S. to take second place behind China, and in manufacturing, where it is expected to lead the world in terms of investment, with 25 percent of corporates expecting to invest five years from now. By contrast with the other BRIC countries, in the next year 64 percent of the investment into India is expected to come from new entrants to the country.

In terms of influence, India is expected to achieve the remarkable feat of overtaking Japan, France, Russia and Brazil in the ranks of the most influential countries, with a rising influence in all sectors, particularly business and consumer services, IT/telecoms and manufacturing.

Indian business expects the bulk of its investment this year to go to the U.S. (35 percent) with 15 percent expecting to invest in the countries of the Middle East and 10 percent in Singapore and Hong Kong. Looking ahead, the U.S. stays popular with 25 percent, and the Middle East with 15 percent, but countries of the Asia Pacific region can expect an increase in investment, with Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia the choice of 10 percent of respondents, alongside South Africa. Indian corporate investment plans

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