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Towergroup optimistic on wholesale banking sector in otherwise ailing industry

June 9, 2009 The wholesale banking sector is weathering the storm and providing a major "bright spot" in the banking industry even as consumer banking continues to falter, according to TowerGroup, a leading financial services research and advisory services firm. The economic crisis that has struck the US consumer financial services industry and devastated banking institutions and channels around the world has not had as great an impact on wholesale banking.

TowerGroup reports that transaction services businesses of leading global banks averaged 22% annual revenue growth in 2008 and wholesale banking overall revenue growth of 11%. Though growth rates have begun to slow in 2009, these businesses continue to generate a significant portion of the profitability of commercial banks globally.

"Bank executives must determine how to guide their institutions through the deteriorating economic circumstances of this recession while also focusing on how to build their businesses for the new financial landscape that will follow," said Theodore Iacobuzio, Research Executive for Payments and Wholesale Banking, at TowerGroup. "The reliability of the wholesale banking sector provides a critical business engine for stable revenue growth, an engine that will help drive institutions in the post-recessionary era, creating even greater business opportunities in the years to come."

Recognizing these trends, TowerGroup has strengthened its team of banking sector specialists, and intensified its Research Focus on Wholesale Banking

(This is press release of TowerGroup)

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