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 Basics of everyday banking explained by a team of bankers
This section will provide answers to most of your queries.
Banks can feature their products & schemes in this section.

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"Banking & You" Section has been divided in various sub-sections to cover all the areas of banking you come across, every day. Content has been provided in FAQ format to make it user friendly. These FAQ's will answer most of your queries. For example-

What are the different types of banks in India?
What is scheduled bank?
What do I look for when selecting a bank?
How does Deposit Insurance help?
What are the basic types of Bank accounts in Indian Banks?
How can I open a savings account with a bank in India?
What is an ATM? How do I access and ATM of my bank?
What facilities are available in Internet banking?
What are the various modes of transferring money in India?
What is a Demand Draft, Banker's Cheque/pay-order?
How do I remit funds to a person abroad?
What banking facilities are available for an NRI?
How do I get a personal loan?
How can I obtain a loan for studying abroad?
What to do if I have a complaint against my bank?

We will be gradually adding content in this section. So keep on visiting.


Whitepaper on Banking Systems

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