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ATM network - SWADHAN (Shared Payment Network System -SPNS)

The Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Cash Dispensers have become a common feature of Banking in India, particularly in Metropolitan cities. ATMs deliver services like cash withdrawal / deposit, balance enquiry, depositing cheques for collection, request for transfer of funds, request for cheque book, giving standing instructions, getting a statement of account etc. without human intervention and off the site. The ATM account holder is provided with an ATM card which he operates on the ATM along with a pre-agreed secret PIN Number which uniquely identifies him to the machine.

In Mumbai, some of the IBA member banks have come together and set up a Shared Payment Network System   (SPNS) named the "Swadhan" ATM network. In this network, the ATM holder of any member bank can avail of the facility at any of the ATMs of any of the member Banks in the city. This provides round-the-clock banking services like cash withdrawals / deposits to the customers.  Other services like balance enquiry etc. has not yet been fully integrated into the system. Inaugurated in 1997, the network at present comprises 109 ATMs and 4 CDs of 29 Banks.


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