Banknet India. com: is ranked among the Top 25 banking sites and Top 20 banking technology sites and resources online in the world. It has been used in past by nearly 80 IT companies to build up their brand and visibility in the banking & financial sector. Advertising provide the most cost effective & focused means of building up visibility in the Banking, finance & insurance industry worldwide., has 50,000+ professionals as members, subscribers from 2,500 organizations from nearly 150 countries. More than 150,000 visitors come every month to the Banknet India site from nearly 200 countries & are sent by 37,000 Web Pages (as per google), which include 500+ search engines. Around 60% of banknetindia's total traffic is sent through Search Engines. Page views are nearly a million per month. has more than 20,000 pages of information related to banking, finance, insurance, BPO, IT.

Banknet Jobs: Banknet Jobs is exclusively focused on online and offline recruitments in the Banking, Finance and Insurance and Finance related IT/BPO/KPO Industry. is only jobsite providing professional networking facility, career guidance and job news updates.

Campus Zone: Campus Zone which is an online initiative to provide an ‘informally formal’ platform for faculty and students of business schools and colleges. Campus Zone intends to create possibilities for student & faculty collaboration. This will help advertisers target the Generation Y.

Banknet Blogs: These blog discuss, comment and provide info on the latest happening, news, policies. Postings made on this blog are the personal views of employees and others affiliated to Banknet Group.

RSS Feeds: Banknet India publishes news content on its website These news feeds are subscribed and listed by major search engines, news aggregators and blogs bringing new & relevant traffic to Another important source of traffic is the presence of banknetindia & its newsletter on the Intranet of various banks.

Proposed Online Ventures: Upcoming new online ventures oy Banknet will add traffic to our sites.




  Featured Articles
Featured articles are a collection of articles written by third parties which find place in this particular section.  .  

A white paper is a company's authoritative report. Banknet India is starting this particular section to educate, get leads for a company and help people make decisions.

   Press Releases
This section are relevant press releases that are added to the news we provide on our site and also added to our popular newsfeeds.

Webcasting is Banknet India's new proposed venture to broadcast over the internet either live or recorded.




Creative Team of Six Sigma Films will provide the following support to the corporates and the advertisers:

1.Designing banners
2.Designing Posters
3.Corporate Films
4.AD Films

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