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Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 - March 14, 2012


Annual Plan 2012-13

Highest ever plan outlay of Rs60,100 cr.

o Gross Budgetary Support - Rs24,000 cr
o Railway Safety Fund - Rs2,000 cr
o Internal Resources - Rs18,050 cr.
o Market Borrowing - Rs15,000 cr; PPP - Rs1,050 cr.

725 km new lines, 700 km doubling, 800 km gauge conversion and 1100 km electrification targeted in 2012-13.

Rs6,872 cr provided for new lines, Rs3,393 cr for doubling, Rs1,950 cr for gauge conversion, Rs828 cr for electrification.

Financial Performance 2011-12

Loading target reduced by 23 MT to 970 MT.

Gross Traffic Receipts fixed at Rs1,03,917 cr in RE, short by Rs2,322 cr over Budget Estimates.

Ordinary Working Expenses fixed at Rs75,650 cr, an increase of Rs2,000 cr over Budget Estimates; Pension payments also up by Rs1,000 cr.

Current dividend liability to be fully discharged.

Excess of Rs1,492 cr as against the budget amount of Rs5,258 cr.

A loan of Rs3,000 cr extended by MoF to meet requirement of safety related works under Development Fund.

Operating Ratio of 95.0% as compared to 91.1% in Budget Estimates. Budget Estimates 2012-13

Freight loading of 1025 MT, 55 MT more than 2011-12.

Passenger growth - 5.4%.

Gross Traffic Receipts - Rs1,32,552 cr i.e. 27.6% increase over RE, 2011- 12

Ordinary Working Expenses - Rs84,400 cr.

Appropriation to DRF at Rs9,500 cr and to Pension Fund at Rs18,500 cr.

Dividend payment estimated at Rs6,676 cr.

Loan of Rs3,000 cr taken in 2011-12 to be fully repaid along with interest. Operating Ratio estimated at 84.9%. Security

Installation of Integrated Security System at all 202 identified stations to be completed in 2012-13.

Escorting of trains by RPF/GRP extended to 3500 trains.

Integration of RPF helpline with the All India Passenger Helpline.

Staff Welfare

Introduction of a wellness programme for railway staff at their work places.

Ensuring proper rest for skilled and technical staff including the running crew.

NID to design appropriate outfits for various categories of workforce.

Training and Recruitment

Over 80000 persons recruited in 2011-12;

Over one lakh persons to be recruited in 2012-13 - backlog of SC/ST/OBC and other categories to be wiped off. Sports

7 Railway sportsperson honored with Arjuna Award and Major Dhyanchand Award in 2011-12.

5 Railway sportsperson qualified for Olympics 2012. Development of a roadmap for railway sports.

Institution of ‘Rail Khel Ratna’ Award for 10 rail sports-persons every year.


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