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Name : Rajeev Moudgil
Subject: Is Reservation in IITs/IIMs Justified?
Message : The growth and upliftment of any society begins with control of the mind and results in concentration.

If a shoemaker concentrates ,he will polish shoes better.

If a chef concentrates , the dishes will be delicious.

If I concentrate, there will be less mistakes while posting this reply.

So the answer lies in-the powers of the mind and its concentration.

What our schools should impart is the way to develop the powers of mind, their application in every walks of life. Once this is done, every child of our country will become a genious in his/her field, be it mathematics, engineering, medicine, agriculture,logistics, finance etc. A trained mind seldom makes mistakes.

Its a shame the polotical leaders are dividing the country in the name of cast and religion-just for their vote bank and just to attain cheap popularity.

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