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Name : Mahendra Jain
Subject: Documents fraud and forgery
Message : The documents fraud and forgery is on increasing scale. The same is committed on such a large scale that people are now helpless spectator. The same is done with planning and design and shall be put in to action. The documents are prepared with the instrument of creation. The documents fraud is a white collar crime. You can examine the document fraud from two angles:

1. Documents by itself
2. Characterstics of the creator

It can again be summarised by the following four words i.e. CAMP


COVERAGE: The coverage of documents plays significant role in every fraud. The frauduster usually study this aspect before preparing the document in question. While preparing he/she puts their own characterstics in to documents. For inst. Fonts, habits etc.

AGE of document: This can be examined by Ink and paper. If paper is older than the ink, definitely the document is of antedated. Further the method of creparation is also important.

MODE: The instrument used for creation of document also causes easily to detect the same. For inst. the colour xerox of the document will have glaring effect and its printing is definitely is from different technology.

PLACE: The place of creation gives the applicable laws. If at the place of creation particular laws are not prevelant, the document is a bogus document.

Further the document can be examined from point of view of drafting also.

The drafting language will definitely points out as to whether the document is genuine or bogus.

Further if datas incorporated in the document cluster at one place or the mode of signing of the document are not of regular writing, the document is bogus document.

The above are some of the brief indicia of bogus documents. I hope this will definitely give some insignia of the documents. Hence after observing the above criteria it is but natural that the investigation made with the sub registrar as per Bank norms are not enough for ascertaining the nature of documents in question.


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