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"CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume I"- A collection of papers on banking, finance & technology
Knowledge, Research & Practices

List Price: E-Book(PDF)- Rs 650 (US$18)

Edition: May 2006
Format: e-book (Adobe Reader)
Fully Printable Version
Pages (Full Size/A-4)- 102
This Publication is now available only in PDF Format

Special Introductory Offer : E-Book(PDF)- Rs 300 (US$8)

CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume I"- A collection of papers on banking, insurance, finance & technology -Knowledge, Research & Practices" . was released at Banknet India's Second Annual CTO Summit on 10th May’06 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

“Contributions-Vol I” is a compilation of 10 research papers by eminent authors. The basic objective of bringing out this publication is to disseminate the knowledge that could be utilized by professionals in the areas of banking, finance & technology.

Paper – I
The paper on ‘Performance Measurement and Management of Technology in Indian Banking: New Approaches’, by Mr. Harold, IIT-Madras,
has abstracted the balance scorecard (BSC) framework to develop a comprehensive performance measurement and management tool for information technology in Banking. In this paper, he illustrates how a cascade of balanced scoreboards can be instrumental in the banking technology effectiveness of Banks in India to ensure better performance measurement.

Paper – II
The paper on ‘Strategy for Public Sector & Old Generation Private Sector Banks’ by N. Murali, Manager-Canara Bank
, emphasizes that Public Sector & Old Generation Private Sector Banks should align their IT strategy with business strategy to achieve organizational goals.

Paper – III
The paper on ‘Data Mining & Business Intelligence in Banking and Finance: A Note for Bankers’ by Prof. Rajanish Dass, IIM – Ahmedabad
is intended to create an awareness of the possible applications of data mining to enhance the performance of some of the core business processes in banks. The author discusses broad areas of application, like risk management, portfolio management, trading, customer profiling and customer care, where data mining techniques can be used in banks and other financial institutions to enhance their business performance.

Paper – IV
The paper on ‘Business Intelligence through Hybrid Intelligent System Approach: Application to Retail Banking’ is by Prof. Rajendra M. Sonar, IIT – Mumbai,
attempts to solve a problem using a single intelligent technique like expert system or neural network alone. Integration of analytical methods and intelligent techniques further makes it a powerful combination of knowledge, experience and mathematical/statistical modeling.

Paper – V
In the paper on ‘Delivering on the BI Promise: A Financial Services Roadmap’, Mr. Nishith Singh, Director-Decision Studio,
emphasizes the need to set up the right data infrastructure for BI initiatives through setting up of data warehouse and departmental data marts. According to author, using open source software for deploying BI, organizations can reduce costs, improve ROI, and reduce the overall implementation risk for the BI initiative.

Paper – VI
The paper on ‘A Single View of the Customer – Customer Data Integration’ is by Mr. Vaibhav Jabulee from Systems & Software.
The Banks possessing very complex IT systems, with multiple applications catering to different needs of the business have to meet customers increasing demands. This paper aims to provide a solution to this problem by Customer Data Integration, which aims to provide a Single View of the Customer.

Paper – VII
The paper on ‘Managing Knowledge for Business Excellence in Banks’, Dr. Gita A Kumta, Professor at NMIMS
emphasizes the need for ‘knowledge management’ and provides a brief guideline for banks based on the KM practices in organisations. It emphasizes that the need of the hour for banks is to examine and build the processes, an organisational structure and the enabling technology / infrastructure for effective knowledge management so as to improve performance and achieve business excellence.

Paper – VIII
Paper on ‘Cheque Truncation & the Issues Involved in its nationwide Implementation’ is authored by Mr. Tushar Vishesh Srivastava, Deloitte & Touche Audit Service.
This paper highlights the issues involved in the nationwide implementation of the Cheque Truncation process. Processing of paper based cheques constitutes an important segment of the payment and settlement system in India.

Paper – IX
The paper on ‘Privatization of Indian Public Sector Banks – Their Performance & Efficiency– Future Challenges and Opportunities’ is jointly authored by Dr. R. K. Uppal & Ms. Rimpi Kaur, DAV College-Malout.
The paper concludes that the financial performance and efficiency of partially privatized banks is better in post-privatized period than the pre-privatized period and it is also better than the fully government owned banks.

Paper – X
‘Implementation of Basel II in Indian banks: Challenges and opportunities’, by K. Kameswara Rao, Asst. General Manager-SBI/ SBIICM
attempts to analyze the challenges that are faced as well as the opportunities that are available to Indian Commercial Banks while implementing the Basel II Accord.


1. Performance Measurement And Management Of Technology In Indian Banking: New Approaches
2.IT Strategy for Public Sector & Old Generation Private Sector Banks
3. Data Mining & Business Intelligence In Banking And Finance: A Note For Bankers
4. Business Intelligence through Hybrid Intelligent System Approach: Application to Retail Banking
5. Delivering on the BI Promise: A Financial Services Roadmap
6. A Single View of the Customer – Customer Data Integration
7. Managing Knowledge for Business Excellence in Banks
8. Cheque Truncation & the issues involved in its nationwide implementation
9. Privatization of Indian Public Sector Banks – Their Performance & Efficiency– Future Challenges and Opportunities
10. Implementation Of Basel II In Indian Banks: Challenges And Opportunities

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