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Publications Division:57, Juhu Supreme Centre, Gulmohar Cross Road No 9, Juhu, Mumbai 400049, India.


Banknet Group, promoted and managed by senior bankers is focused on disseminating banking and financial information through Online, Offline, Print and Mass Media.

Banknet Publications bring together the knowledge and experience of industry experts from banking, finance, insurance, technology and academics. Banknet publications are based on extensive industry research, surveys and interactions with practicing industry professionals.

Banknet Publication subscribers are from more than 700 organizations in nearly 50 countries.Banknet Publications are available in both print and e-book formats. They are available exclusively on the online bookstore at Banknetindia.com. clients from BFSI & IT-BPO industry.

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OR please contact our Publication Division by email at banknetgroup@ gmail.com or by mail at:

Banknet India
Publication Division
57, 2nd Floor, Juhu Supreme Centre,
Gulmohar Cross Road No 9, Juhu Scheme,
Mumbai 400049- India.

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