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"CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume IV"- A collection of papers on banking, finance & technology
Knowledge, Research & Practices

List Price: E-Book(PDF)- Rs 650(US$25)

Edition: October 2007
Format: e-book (Adobe Reader)
Fully Printable Version
This Publication is available in PDF Format

Special Offer : E-Book(PDF)- Rs 300(US$8)

"CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume IV" was released at Banknet's Third International Bank Tech Summit on October 10th, 2007 at Mumbai.

Banknet India’s "CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume IV" is a collection of 7 papers on banking, finance by faculty from Business Schools & senior executives from Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Cap Gemini, Datamatics, Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management etc.

Papers relate to IT and CRM Applications, Customer Preferences on e-Banking Services, Transformation in Indian Banks, Modern Banking Technology, Improving Operation Excellence, CRM in Financial Services, Combating the Zopa(s) etc.

Paper – I The paper on ‘IT and CRM Applications in Indian Retail Banks’ by Deepali Singh and Sajal Kabiraj, Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management presents a holistic framework for IT implementation in Indian Retail Banks and also shows findings of a survey in order to effectively deploy a CRM strategy for Indian Banks.

Paper – II ‘Transformation in Indian Banks through e-Banking Services – An Empirical Study’ by Dr. R. K. Uppal & Rimpi Kaur, DAV College, studies consumer awareness of various e-channels used by banks and suggests some measures to make e-banking services more effective which will be responsible for the transformation of Indian banks.

Paper – III The paper ‘Customer Preferences on e-Banking Services – Understanding through a Sample Survey of Customers of Present Day Banks in India’ by N. Kamakodi, Executive Director, City Union Bank Ltd examines how computerization has influenced the banking habits and preferences of Indian customers, and which factors influence these preferences.

Paper – IV ‘Modern B@nking Technology’ by Firdos T. Shroff, Jt. Director, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance gives a summary of the Indian Banking Systems on how they have evolved over the years. The paper discusses some issues faced by these systems. The author also gives examples of comparable banking systems from other countries and the lessons learnt.

Paper – V ‘From Cost Center to Profit Center – Improving Operation Excellence’ by Debasish Bose, Senior Consultant, Cap Gemini shows how technology can be used to achieve the goals of improved margin and profitability. This paper also talks in length, how Call centers, internet portals, Bank Branches of the Bank etc. can act as potential revenue generation wing as also how to use these channels.

Paper – VI The paper ‘Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services’ by P. V. Raveendra, Professor, MBA Dept-MSRIT, shows how each step in the roadmap for implementing CRM in Financial Services creates value for the customer – not only the external, but also the internal customer – which in turn, gives the company a competitive advantage.

Paper – VII ‘Customer Concentric Banking – The Key to Combat the Zopa(s).com’ by Pragati K. Chakraborty, Business Analyst, Banking & Financial Services, Datamatics is a take on the specialised service portals like zopa.com, which are a potential threat to banks. The paper discusses strategies banks must adopt to give these new competitors a run for their money.

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