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If your career is being driven by your chosen functional or professional specialism, you need to continue develop your skills & knowledge. This continuing education process is important for career advancement. In addition to areas of various specialisation, you need to add to your range of personal and interpersonal skills such as time management, leadership skills, team-working and effective communication.

Means of Continuing Education to enhance your career & help in personality development can be:

Distance learning programmes
Specialised Trainings & Workshops
Seminars & Conferences

Today Distance Learning Programmes are targeted at all those who aspire to enhance their careers by extending their knowledge frontiers, without disrupting their social & professional commitments. Number of Management Institutes. The number of online distance learning opportunities continues to grow. However lack of one to one interaction with faculty and students continues to be the major disadvantage.

Banknet India Conferences provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking for the professionals from banking, financial & technology industry and academicians, consultants. Participants attend these conferences in order to be informed, to interact, listen and exchange views with industry experts, to network with decision makers and to expand business relationships and opportunities...Read More

Banknet India is jointly conducting Management Development Programmes on Understanding Banking with India's Top 10 Management Institute NMIMS. These Management Development Programme are in a workshop format and are based on power point presentations, case study discussions, tutorials, and group exercises. The sessions would be highly interactive...Read More

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