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Merger Strategy

Various aspects of the M & A deal such as valuation, legal compliance, accounting and negotiation are highly specialised areas. The advisors are often investment and merchant bankers who are well versed with the M&A market players and have experience and knowledge. Advisors take fees for performing various tasks:

  • Target identification

  • Determination of appropriate price

  • Structuring the finance

  • Assisting in negotiation

  • Advising on post-merger integration

The fees charged by the intermediary are often negotiable. The Lehman formula (also known as 5-4-3-2-1) formula is most popular.

If the target is being sought, the seeker should carefully state the objectives. For example, the objective(s) may be one or more of:

- Increasing market share in domestic market,
- Eliminating a competitor,
- Enhancing production capacity,
- Entering fast growing markets abroad,
- Leveraging distribution channels,
- Better control of critical input material and components etc.


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