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Career Opportunities in Banking

Nationalisation of the major commercial banks in India in 1969/1980 brought almost the entire banking system within the public sector. State Bank of India being the top commercial bank of the country.

The Private sector with the entry of new banks mostly promoted by the major Financial Institutions like IDBI, ICICI etc has provided competition to both Public sector and Foreign Banks. They are more technology savvy and offer better salaries than Public sector Banks. Unlike public sector banks, the promotional avenues are not time-bound.

Foreign Banks are the most sought after due to their salary packages comparable to the best in the country and better job profiles. However, in addition to personal performance, the job security in these banks is also dependent on various external factors, like the economy of the parent country, performance of the bank worldwide, change in expatriate management etc.

Public sector Banks recruit mainly graduates at the entry level on the basis of All India Level examination. However professionals like engineers, doctors, technologists, lawyers, ex-defence officers etc are recruited on senior positions through All India tests.

Private sector/Foreign Banks prefer to take MBA's, CA's etc at junior positions through Campus recruitment and interviews. However, at the senior positions they opt for experienced bankers. Thus the officers from Public sector Banks become the natural choice for such positions. Thus job-hopping has become an well-accepted norm in the Industry.

Therefore joining a Public sector Bank as Probationary Officer (Direct Officer) on the basis All India exam has become a stepping stone for the career growth in the Banking Industry.


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