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Career Opportunities in Finance

The word financial in a job description usually is a very wide term & reveals very little about the work content. The financial jobs can be categorised into those are in a corporate organisation and those in a financial institution.

(Designations differ in organisations. Head of a dept or function can be designated as Manager, Vice President, General Manager etc.)

Financial jobs in corporate organisations:

Typically in a corporate there is a chief financial officer (CFO). Controller (internal financial activities) and treasurer (external financial activities) report directly to CFO. In many companies, strategic & long range planning has considerable finance content & may also report to CFO.

Jobs concerned with the collection, measurement and evaluation of financial data generated from internal operations are placed under the Controller. Generally CA/MBA (finance) are preferred for these positions.

An organization relation with financial markets and institutions are under supervision of Treasurer. Responsibilities including management of bank lines, credit facilities, offshore financing arrangements etc. Generally activities related to M&A are also grouped under the Treasurer. This area is generally preferred by the MBA's as this gives an opportunity to interact with financial sector & shift to it.


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