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Banknet continues its multifold expansion through its new venture Banknet Public Relations and Communications. BankNet PRC will be one stop destination for PR and Communications needs of Corporates as well as top industry professionals.

Public Relations and Communication Management: Call of the Era

Today the business world is unanimous that hiring a professional Public Relations (PR) consultancy agency is an investment and companies in India are using it positively to make strategic communications with its existing and prospective customers, employees, clients, stakeholders, media and everyone they value. This role has an added importance with the banking sector due to the vital role a positive public image has in their business model.

An effective and strategic PR agency can build credibility, stands by you as an active domain player to develop a strong brand image with precise positioning in the market, and gives many other competitive advantages that a business enterprise strives for. So choosing a quality PR agency in India that offers strategic PR and understands your sector in India is very critical, and as such Banknet’s PR and Communications agency will design and implement strategic PR campaign for you to help you achieve your organisational goal driving your business revenue.

Banknet PRC Product Offerings

In today’s world, with the widespread integration in all fields, the lines between advertising, communications and public relations have become almost non-existent. With this view-point Banknet is offering an integrated set of PR services through Banknet PRC.

• PR Services
• Advertising Services
• Online Reputational Management
• Celebrity Management- Media & Senior Industry Professionals

Banknet PRC will use both offline & online platforms

Core Competency

*Extensive long term relationships across the banking and IT sector in India
**Specialists in the BFSI sector; one of the leading professional research and knowledge houses


*To provide a one-stop-shop for clients to cater to their PR & Communications needs and consistently deliver outstanding results
**To emerge as a top ranked PR agency providing integrated services across domains

What Makes Banknet PRC Unique: The “why” here

What is Banknet here


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We are seeking Freelancer PR to work on assignments basis. The person has to be an individual and not a firm or agency of persons. We also have full time vacancies for freshers and those with not more than 2 year experience in PR, Marketing & Media. For more details, please click here



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