Moody's Launches Mobile-Optimized Version of Streamlines mobile access to Moody's research and ratings

NEW YORK, June 15, 2011:

Moody's Corporation announced today that it has launched a mobile-optimized version of, allowing market participants to conveniently access Moody's credit ratings and research specially formatted for smartphones and other mobile devices. The mobile-optimized site is automatically displayed when visiting from any smartphone browser.

"Market participants increasingly rely on mobile devices to access timely financial information while on the go," said Dan Russell, Executive Director, Moody's Analytics. "The mobile-optimized version of allows us to deliver Moody's credit ratings, market-leading research and commentary to our research clients and others in the markets anytime, anywhere."

Mobile site visitors can quickly access Moody's Investors Service credit ratings and outlook information, as well as issuer research and other market commentary. Continuously updated Ratings News and research highlights featured in Moody's Editor's Choice are also available.

(This is a press release from Moody's Corporation)