How to ensure a highly motivated labour force in your business?

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If you run a successful business organisation, it will be hard for you to deny that your employees are your biggest asset. The most important employees are those who work manually or operate the machines in the factories or at sites. Given the harsh and unpromising conditions that they work in, it needs a lot of courage, will power and enthusiasm.

The labour force comes with a bleak hope of getting the kind of perks and promotions that people at higher level get. Whether you own a construction business or a consumer durables firm, the people who work at the sites or factories to make and deliver finished products or services on time are the real heroes of your organisation. The labour force which often remains behind the scenes and the making of the best products of your company needs to be motivated every now and then.

But, the question is how to drive the pillars of your success story? One of the best ways is to ensure safety and security at work. Even though mishaps and unexpected accidents can happen anywhere or at any time at work, the labour is at the biggest risk of facing these unfortunate incidents. You might feel that you have taken sufficient measures to make the work condition of all your employees comfortable and safe, but you cannot control unwary situations.

It is thus time to avail a group personal accident policy to ensure security to the labour force and make them feel highly motivated at work. The group personal accident policy covers the cost of any kind of disability that the employee may suffer due to mishaps at work. A group accident policy comes with a suitable discount in the premium depending on the type of organisation and number of people covered under it.

Let's have a look the other benefits of this policy that would help you to earn respect in the eyes of your labour force:

1. Covers Dismemberment
This policy covers the expenses incurred if any labour while working at a site loses his limbs, eyesight or hearing ability. This can be a very scary situation for the person and his family as the medical expenses for the treatment of the same can be very huge and render the person out of work for a considerable period of time.

By availing this group policy, the labour force would know that in times of distress, the organisation that they are working with will not leave them to fend for themselves. This will help improve their performance and diligence at work.

2. Permanent Total/Partial Disability
There might be an unfortunate incident when the injured may not be able to resume work due to permanent disability like paralysis of the lower body. In such cases, the organisationís group personal accident policy will be there to help out with the family and other expenses.

3. Covers Loss of Pay
The group policy would cover for the loss of income to workers in case they are not able to resume work for a considerable period of time. Most insurers pay this as a weekly benefit.

4. Medical expenses
The medical and hospitalisation costs of the worker injured will be covered under the group accident policy. These include entities insured to claim OPD and Inpatient costs. This would build a secure relation with the worker and reduce attrition rates.

5. Education Allowance
Most insurers provide the education allowance of at least 2 dependent school-going children of the injured. So, through the group policy, you are not only ensuring the security of the injured but also extending welfare to the family in case of an unfortunate mishap.

6. Transportation expenses covered
In case the injured remains out of work, then, transportation expenses of the family are also borne under the policy. These expenses have different limits with various insurers.

7. Accidental Death And Following Costs
It may be very unfortunate for a worker to lose life due to the accident at the site. The worst sufferers are his family. However, if your company avails a group policy, you can still be of some help for them as the policy will still cover repatriation expenses, education and a transport allowance of the family up to a fixed limit.

8. Terrorism cover
Some insurers also provide cover for injuries that the workers might suffer due to terrorist activity. So, availing a group personal accident policy has significant benefits and will enable you to secure the trust of the employees which may become quite difficult otherwise. It is feasible to do something in favour of your workers who are the key to the success of your organisation, and this policy is the safest option for you. The best way to avail these schemes is to compare and purchase the best plan available at the best rates. This process is made easy through insurance brokers, like SecureNow. These companies are equipped to provide you faster services, multiple quotes for group personal accident policy and 24x7 customer support.

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