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We are looking forward to collaborate with major crowdfunding sites willing to work with our large community of entrepreneurs. Contact us at
In this age of globalisation, collaboration and strategic alliances are essential to success. It is important that these alliances transcend state and national boundaries. "Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking." --Fortune Magazine"

At Banknet, we believe in continuous improvements. This we aim at achieving by garnering relationships – world wide. We invite business alliances with leading industry players in a wide range of activities we are involved with, to arrive at a win-win situation, where we can jointly leverage advantages of cost-efficient infrastructure, invaluable knowledge-power, Large Network and quality resources. We believe this to be a win-win situation in an ever-changing business economy. We are also looking for joint ventures & investments.

Banknet Group is India’s leading research, analyst and media channel with large community with strong online & social media presence .With experience spanning more than a decade, it is associated with premier industry associations, business schools & global financial, IT & media community. Banknet is the #1 organizer of Banking, Financial Services and Technology Conferences in India for more than 8 years. It manages Bankers Club which includes 82% Members from Top & Senior Management Level. Banknet Publication subscribers are from more than 700 organizations in nearly 50 countries.Banknet Publications are available in both print and e-book formats. They are available exclusively on the online bookstore at Banknet Group has recently diversified into entertainment & retail sector.

Our Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry initiative Six Sigma Films has successfully organized two editions of COFFI Film Finance Conferences in India. It has also launched Film Finance Awards. Six Sigma Films Mission is to deliver effectual and captivating world class films with an underlined intention to lend a hand to Independent Filmmakers & New Talent. Six Sigma Films also promote & online distribute short films, documentaries. We have India's Fastest growing Short Films YouTube Channel. Six Sigma Films is producing feature films and working with film investors on models structured for best ROI. Our Investment vision is to manage risks, minimize budgets and maximize revenues.

• Promoted and managed by senior bankers
• Global community of Banking, Finance and IT professionals
• Strong network & access to senior finance professionals
• Association with premier industry associations and business schools
• Great visibility and credibility in the banking, financial and IT industry
• More than 100 clients from IT and Financial sector from 11 countries
• #1 organizer of Banking and Technology Conferences in India
• Strong Social Media presence of more than 300,000

FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN: Mr Anurag Khanna, Founder & Chairman/Managing Director of Banknet Group is a seasoned banker & have worked with both Indian & Foreign Banks. He is associated with Top Business Schools like IIM, Ahmedabad, NMIMS, Mumbai. He is a mentor at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad. He was member of Information Technology Committee of Indian Merchants' Chambers. He was judged various awards & is a known authority on Film Financing & had spoken at film industry events. He has contributed articles in various major publications, Journals. He has been panelist and speaker at major seminars and conferences,globally.... Read more

Alliance with Banknet Group-
We invite strategic alliances from businesses associated with:

1. Conference/Events and Awards
2. Film Production, Distribution & Marketing
3. Advertising
4. PR & Celebrity Management
5. Social Media
6. Print & Digital Media
7. Management Consultancy
8. Social Media management
9. Crowdfunding platforms

Investment in Banknet Group -
We invite strategic investors to invest in Banknet Group in our existing services:

1. Conferences/Events
2. Publications, E Books, Educational packages
3. News & Entertainment Portal
4. Feature Films & Short Films
5. E commerce - Online Fashion Store

If you have an interest in starting a dialogue, you can get in touch with us at .

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