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"Bank Customer Survey on Payment Systems"
Take the Survey, be eligible for Special Offers- Closes on 7th Jan 2008!

Banknet Group, promoted & managed by senior bankers, is a company focused on Knowledge, Research, Community and conferences. Banknet's research partners include IIM Ahmedabad and NMIMS, top business schools in India. IIM Ahmedabad & Banknet have formed a Think Tank to sophisticate the use of IT and the application of various intelligent systems in the Indian banking.

1. Become eligible to get Customer Survey Findings and Banking & Finance Glossary absolutely FREE. These publications will be mailed to all the respondents.

2. Respondents will also be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw to win Complimentary passes for Banknet India's Fourth International Conference on Payment Systems

3. The Eligibility Criterion is to fill up the form entirely and giving correct information.

4. The responses provided by you in this survey shall not be used for any other purposes. Your identity, will remain confidential. Only the data values will be used for analysis, after aggregating the data that we capture from the questionnaire. Filling up the questionnaire will approximately take upto 10 minutes of your time.




Your Full Name [?]
Your e-mail [?]
Marital Status            
If working, Personal Income Group
Which is/are the Bank(s) that you have an account in?


How often do you use Internet Banking facility?
Apart from regular banking transactions, which of the following services have you used in internet banking?
(Tick as many options as applicable)
What inconveniences have you faced in using internet banking?


How often do you use Mobile Banking facility?
Which of the following services do you use in mobile banking?
(Tick as many options as applicable)
What inconveniences have you faced in using mobile banking?


How many Credit Cards do you own?
Where do you primarily use a Debit Card?
Given a choice, which mode of payment do you prefer?                             
How frequently do you use cards as a mode of payment?                          
Have you used cards for "online" payment?                                                          
Are you aware of the charges that your credit card company bills you?                  
Do you find credit card facilities worth the charges?                                              
Have you encountered any Processing Errors while transacting with a Credit / Debit Card
(i.e. Errors occurring even when the credit limit is not reached)?
If yes, please describe briefly:



How many days does it take for a "local" cheque to get cleared after depositing into the bank?
(Other than from the same bank)                                                                         
Similarly, how many days does it take for an "outstation" cheque to get cleared?     
Apart from cheques, which modes of Funds Transfer do you use?
(Tick as many options as applicable)
[?] [?]
Are you aware of RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)?                                                  
How many times have you used RTGS as a mode of payment?                           

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