Indian Army joins hands with ‘The Green Governance Programme’ of ICICI Bank

The Indian Army has joined hands with ‘The Green Governance Programme’ of ICICI Bank to implement projects like rainwater harvesting, ground water rejuvenation, construction of check dams and water treatment/de-siltation of water bodies, New & Renewable Energy Initiatives etc. The Indian Army Environment and Ecology Cell functioning under the Quarter Master General’s Branch at the Army Headquarters in New Delhi, is the nodal implementing agency for the various projects under this programme.

The project is expected to enhance the biodiversity conservation potential of the Indian Army’s various establishments, such as cantonments, depots, maneuver areas and military farms. The project also involves spreading awareness on ecology and biodiversity related concepts among school children.

This also emphasizes the commitment of Indian Army towards preservation of national heritage and culture and its resolve to arrest and conserve environmental degradation.

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