Prime Minister wants IT exports of $80bn by 2010

Addressing the Nasscom 2007 India Leadership Forum, Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh asked IT industry to be more ambitious. Considering the way in which Indian economy and exports are rising, NASSCOM export target of US$60 billion by 2010 target should be met by 2008. By 2010, industry should be looking at a target of US$80 billion.

Prime Minister asked the software industry to move towards providing system solutions. In the field of business process outsourcing (BPO), industry must not only retain the first mover advantage, but move up the value chain. To be able to do so, BPO industry should increasingly become a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) industry. It should leverage on the high quality human capital that exists in the country in a wide range of fields – in engineering, architecture, medicine, law, accountancy, finance, management, and entertainment. This transition from BPO to KPO will require broad-basing the knowledge economy and improving its capabilities. It will also require the same degree of openness that is seen in the IT sector. "It will also require a high level of ambition each one of you. My advice to you is - do not rest on your laurels; aim to conquer new frontiers" the prime minister added.

"While the IT story is a remarkable story, there are millions of people whose lives are still untouched by it. This is a failing – but also an opportunity" said Dr. Manmohan Singh.

"Technology-based innovations in health-care, education, agriculture and rural development are essential to lend substance to the agenda of inclusive growth. Just as we have ‘inclusiveness’ in banking, we need ‘inclusiveness’ in IT. We need to ensure that our large rural population gets the benefits of the IT explosion – in terms of better public services, greater employment opportunities and better lifestyles." He urged the IT industry to aim to reach out to the hinterland – to Tier II and Tier III cities and even to villages. It can focus on solutions which can benefit the farmer, the artisan, the weaver, the home-worker. "This is an obligation to the nation and I am sure you will fulfil it, Prime Minister concluded.

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