THE BANKERS CLUB- An exclusive club for bankers & ex-bankers with online & offline facilities

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1. Club Benefits include both - Online networking & Offline Networking Meets in Major Cities
2, Exclusive Content - relevant news, specialised articles, interactive discussions, job opportunities, expert views/tips
3. Special Video Content- From various sources including exclusive video excerpts from Banknet Conferences
4. Special Presentations- From various sources including exclusive presentations from Banknet Conferences
5. Special Publications- to showcase & share members' knowledge, expertise & experience
6. Special Discounts for club members -for Banknet & Partners conferences, publications, whitepapers, seminars, workshops, certificate courses & other products
7. Introductory Offer- there is no entry fee (save Rs 1,000), and only club annual fee is payable.
8. It has already attracted registrations from nearly 600 bankers & ex - bankers in India, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, UK & USA.


1. Your Club fee payments can also be made by your bank or company. You can also claim reimbursement of club fee from your bank/company against your entertainment allowance depending on the internal policies.
2. All those working in commercial banks, cooperative banks, investment banks. NBFCs, mutual funds, PEs. FIIS, Funds, subsidiaries of banks like insurance, credit card, IT, BPO and banking institutes and all ex bankers who have at least worked 1 year in a bank shall be eligible for the membership.
3. If you are retired and not working than you are eligible for the bankers annual fee


"The Bankers Club is an exclusive club for bankers & ex-bankers with online & offline facilities The Bankers Club’s objective is to serve the informational, networking, career, educational requirements of upwardly mobile bankers & ex bankers. In these days of knowledge economy, no single individual can do everything by himself. Networking, knowledge sharing, cooperation & collaboration are the vital ingredients for success.

The Bankers Club will assist in networking & maximizing professional expansion. It is a neutral platform to build up continuous capabilities for banking professionals through shared experiences and knowledge.

In addition to online networking, knowledge dissemination, news, updates, surveys etc it will also have organize networking meets with chapters in major cities & countries .... Read about club benefits

Is it just a Online Club ?
How the content will be different from others?
Will there be any monetary benefits for members?
Who are eligible to become members?
Fees for retired ex- bankers ? ..... Read FAQ answers

As an Introductory offer, there shall be no entry fee up to the 15th September 2012 & only club annual fee will be payable .... Read about club fees

CLUB VISION: To create a global, allied community of bankers by sharing experience and expertise.

CLUB MISSION: To provide an enduring neutral platform for bankers & ex bankers for networking, fostering relationships & maximizing professional development through a series of meets, events, activities and sharing of information, experience & expertise.

The Bankers Club is an initiative of Banknet Group, promoted & managed by senior bankers. Banknet is India’s leading research, analyst and online media channel for financial services and technology with community of 1,00,000+ professionals worldwide. Banknet India portal, ranked amongst top 50000 websites is also ranked among the Top 25 banking sites and Top 20 banking technology resources online in the world. Banknet Publications has subscribers from more than 700 organizations in nearly 50 countries.

Banknet is the #1 organizer of Banking, Financial Services and Technology Conferences in India for more than 7 years. More than 5,000 from 900+ Financial Institutions/Companies from 26 countries have been represented at Banknet Conferences. This included delegates from nearly every major bank in India. With experience spanning more than a decade, it is associated with premier industry associations, business schools & global financial community. Mr. Anurag Khanna, Founder and Chairman & Managing Director of Banknet Group is a seasoned banker & have worked with both Indian & Foreign Banks.

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NOTE : Banknet reserves the right to accept/reject any application(s) submitted for membership of Bankers Club, without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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