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ATMíS has reduced 50% workload in the banks

Over 65,000 cashiers workload in the banking industry has fallen by 50% in last 5 years due to growing installations of off and onsite ATMs Facilities in urban, semi-urban and rural bank branches and created employment engagements for thousands of ex-Defence and paramilitary personnel, according to the latest estimates made by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

The ASSOCHAM estimates reveal that with increasing no of ATMs, banks clientage now prefer more to walk towards such facilities for Cash withdrawals and to know their latest banking transactions statements. As a result, the Cashier community of the banking industry feels threatened of their sustained survival, as technologies have halved their work pressure.

ATMs are also preferred because of convenience factors as their prevalence is now becoming more acceptable even in rural India. The ATMs facilities being taken to countryside are of Biometric Nature that means that these can be operated upon by the unlettered rural folk on which petty banking transactions can be honored with near thumb immersions with absolute elements of accuracy.

The Chamber has found out that cashiers in the banking sectors honor their assigned duties in the first half of the day and remain under highly unutilized and unexplored for remaining part of the day.

The latest decision of the Reserve Bank of India that says that it would issue a directive to entire banking community and reduce the transaction cost for every single withdrawal. This will also make ATMs operations more popular for banks customers and rendered cashiers still more idle.

ATMís installations another advantage has been that these have created ample employment engagements for thousands of semi skilled people above age of 52-55, to guard the ATMís locations, most of them are those that have been superannuated either from armed and paramilitary forces and from other disciplines as well.

The Chamber has therefore suggested that in view of resource crunch that the banking industry is confronted with these days, it would be proper if cashiers are also assigned with other responsibilities and kept engaged for the entire day so that their productivity is not questioned.

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