IDRBT to implement additional National Financial Switch (NFS)

The National Financial Switch (NFS) is a shared-ATM network, which inter-connects banks ATM switches. Currently, the NFS offers Inter-ATM switching facility to 32 banks with 30,734 ATMs. The main objective of the NFS is to make ATM deployment more economical and viable for banks and introduce more similar products on the same delivery channel.

The process of expansion of the NFS in terms of number of banks has been continuous. Since July 2007, five banks have joined the NFS network. The volume of NFS, in terms of number of transactions, has increased nearly threefold over the last one year.

The present NFS architecture comprises of a Production Site and Disaster Recovery Site located at IDRBT premises in Hyderabad and the premises of Clearing Corporation of India Limited, Mumbai, (CCIL) respectively. The production site is equipped with a Production Machine and Back-up Machine. The data is replicated from the Production Server to the Backup Server located at IDRBT as well as the DR Server located at CCIL.

The NFS being the apex switch and switch of the switches, IDRBT (Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology) aims to have abundant redundancy built in terms of processing capability, business continuity and disaster recovery facility by augmenting additional and alternative-switching capability in the existing set up.

The proposed additional switch would provide facility to route all types of electronic transactions like ATM, POS, Mobile Commerce, Funds Transfer, Electronic Commerce Transaction, etc.

This additional switch will provide for a very high level of availability and should be able to take peak transaction load of 3000 transactions per second. The switch should be able to provide excellent MIS Facility

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