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Indian Budget 2011-12-Full Text of Budget Speech
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Finance- February 28, 2011

Strengthening Inclusion

Environment and Climate Change


108. Protection and regeneration of forests has great ecological, economic and social value. Our Government has launched an ambitious ten-year Green India mission. I propose to allocate `200 crore from the National Clean Energy Fund to begin its implementation in 2011-12.

Environmental Management

109. Environmental pollution has emerged as a serious public health concern across the country. I propose to allocate `200 crore from the National Clean Energy Fund as Centre's contribution in 2011-12 for launching environmental remediation programmes.

Cleaning of Rivers and Lakes

110. A number of projects under the National Ganga River Basin Authority have been approved in 2010-11. This momentum will be further stepped up. There are many rivers and lakes of cultural and historical significance that need to be cleaned. In the course of the year 2011-12, I propose to provide a special allocation of `200 crore for the clean-up of some important lakes and rivers other than the Ganga.

Some Other Initiatives

111. In order to boost development in the North Eastern Region and Special Category States, the allocation for special assistance has been almost doubled to `8,000 crore for 2011-12. Out of this, `5,400 crore has been allocated as untied Special Central Assistance.

112. The Government’s special support to Jammu & Kashmir is anchored in `28,000 crore Prime Minister's Reconstruction Plan. In addition, for the current year, about `8,000 crore has been provided for the State's development needs. A Task Force to assess infrastructure needs that can be addressed within a time horizon of 24 months for Ladakh and Jammu regions of the State has recommended projects amounting to `416 crore and `497 crore, respectively. I am providing `100 crore for Ladakh and `150 crore for Jammu for these identified projects in 2011-12.

113. To give a boost to the development of backward regions, the allocation under the Backward Regions Grant Fund has been increased from `7,300 crore to `9,890 crore amounting to an increase of over 35 per cent.

114. To address problems related to Left Wing Extremism affected districts, an Integrated Action Plan (IAP) for 60 selected tribal and backward districts has been launched in December 2010. The scheme is being implemented with 100 per cent block grant of `25 crore and `30 crore per district during the years 2010-11 and 2011-12, respectively. The allocated funds are placed at the disposal of the district level committees who in consultation with local MPs will have the flexibility to spend the amount on development schemes as per the local needs.

115. In recognition of the sacrifices made by Central Para-military Forces engaged in tackling Left Wing Extremism, a lump sum ex-gratia compensation of `9 lakh for 100 per cent disability will now be granted to personnel of the Defence and para-military forces who are discharged from service on medical grounds on account of disability attributable to or aggravated in government service. For personnel with disability ranging from 20 to 99 per cent, a proportionate amount would be given.

116. In the Budget 2011-12, a provision of `1,64,415 crore has been made for Defence services which include `69,199 crore for capital expenditure. Needless to say, any further requirement for the country's defence would be met.

117. In order to speed up delivery of justice, the Plan provision for Department of Justice for 2011-12 has been increased three-fold to `1,000 crore. The enhanced provision will help in building judicial infrastructure and the project on E-courts.

Census 2011

118. The 15th Census in the country is being conducted from 9th February. It is the largest administrative exercise in the country providing statistical data on different socio-economic parameters of population.

119. In response to the overwhelming demand for enumeration of castes other than Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Census 2011, it has been decided to canvass ‘caste’ as a separate time bound exercise. This exercise will start in June 2011 and will be completed by 30th September 2011.

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