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Indian Budget 2007-08- Full Text of Budget Speech


118. I turn to the Budget Estimates for 2007-08.

Plan Expenditure

119. I estimate Plan expenditure for 2007-08 at Rs.205,100 crore. As a proportion of total expenditure (net of the SBI share acquisition), Plan expenditure will be 32.0 per cent.

Non-Plan Expenditure

120. Non-Plan Expenditure in 2007-08 (net of the SBI share acquisition) is estimated at Rs.435,421. The increase over 2006-07 is only 6.5 per cent.

Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit

121. Mr. Speaker, Sir, in the Budget Estimates for 2007-08, the total expenditure is estimated at Rs.680,521 crore (including Rs.40,000 crore for the SBI share acquisition). The total revenue receipts of the Central Government are projected to be Rs.486,422 crore and the revenue expenditure to be Rs.557,900 crore. Consequently, the revenue deficit is estimated at Rs.71,478 crore which is 1.5 per cent of the GDP. The fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs.150,948 crore, which is 3.3 per cent of the GDP. I am happy to report that we are on course to achieve the FRBMA targets.

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