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Indian Budget 2007-08- Full Text of Budget Speech


185. Mr. Speaker, Sir, our human and gender development indices are low not because of high growth but because growth is not high enough. Faster economic growth has given us, once again, the opportunity to unfurl the sails and catch the wind. Without growth, I could not have given a new thrust to agriculture. I could not have given relief to the small tax payer, the small service provider and to small scale industry. I could not have promised 100,000 scholarships or 100,000 jobs for the physically challenged. I could not have promised a massive ground water recharge programme or social security for rural landless households.

186. The UPA Government has delivered on the promise of savings and investment, and will deliver on the promise of encouraging more savings and translating the savings into more investment. It has delivered on the promise of growth, and will deliver on the promise of making growth more inclusive. I believe that, given a right mix of policies, the poor will benefit from growth that is driven by savings and investment and that is more inclusive. As Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel laureate, said, "Faster growth rate is essential for faster reduction in poverty. There is no other trick to it."

187. Sir, with these words, I commend the Budget to the House.

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