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2006-07: Review of Performance and Revised Estimates

Record breaking performance in the first nine months of the year 2006-07

Freight earnings register growth of 17%. Incremental loading of 59 MT likely to be achieved

Growth in Passenger Earnings, Other Coaching Earnings and Sundry Earnings 14%, 48% and 11% respectively

Gross Traffic Earnings register an unprecedented growth of 17%

In Revised Estimates Passenger Earnings, Other Coaching Earnings, Freight Earnings and Sundry Earnings expected to be Rs 17,400 cr, Rs 1,726 cr and Rs 42,299 cr, Rs. 1,695 cr respectively

Gross Traffic Revenues projected at Rs 63,120 cr are 16% higher than the previous year and 5.5% higher than the Budget Estimates

Cash Surplus before dividend expected to be Rs 20,000 cr

Net Revenue expected at Rs 14,870 cr and Net surplus after payment of dividend expected at Rs 10,627 cr

Operating Ratio likely to be 78.7% - best ever for IR and one of the best in world Railways

Year end fund balances likely to increase from Rs 12,000 cr in 2005-06 to Rs 16,000 cr

Return on capital set to reach historic level of 20%

In spite of reduction in Passenger fares, the losses in passenger business expected to come down 2007-08

11th five-year plan Railways new profile

Target of 1,100 MT freight loading and 840 crore passengers in the terminal year of 11th Plan.

Focus would be on doubling transport capacity and reducing unit cost of transportation by increasing volumes.

Short-term strategy- investing in low cost high return projects for eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring intensive asset utilization

Mid and long-term strategy twin pronged approach of network expansion and modernization and technical upgradation Public-private partnerships projects will play an important role.

Construction of Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Ccorridors at a cost of Rs 30,000 cr will commence from 2007-08 for completion during the 11th plan.

Pre-feasibility surveys for East-West, East-South, North-South and South-South Corridors

Most of the metre-gauge lines will be converted into broad-gauge by the end of this five-year plan.

High speed Passenger Corridors to be constructed to run trains at more than 300 km/hr speed.

Expansion of suburban services through completion of MUTP Phase-1 and initiating MUTP Phase-2 through joint funding

Efforts to provide air-conditioned suburban trains in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai and escalators at important stations

The production of rolling stock will be doubled compared with previous plan. Production of high-horse power and energy efficient locos to be increased.

Manifold increase in investment in IT to increase earnings, ensure effective utilization of human and physical resources and facilitate long-term policy decisions

Commercial portal to be developed over next 3 years for better yield management

Integrated time bound implementation of all FOIS modules by 2010.

ERP package for workshops, production units and select Zonal Railways

Railway Safety

Number of rail accidents has decreased despite substantial increase in volume of traffic

Majority of Special Railway Safety Fund works will be completed by March, 2007. Balance to be completed by March, 2008.

Testing of Anti-Collision Device in last stages

General Managers empowered to sanction subways costing up to Rs 50 lakhs on unmanned level crossings for reducing accidents.

Production of improved crashworthy coaches will be increased.

Railway Security

Number of trained dogs will be increased in the existing dog squads.

f Door frame and hand held metal detectors to detect explosives being installed in many sensitive divisions and CCTV, smart video cameras etc for sensitive stations

8,000 vacancies will be filled in the RPF on all India basis.

Jagjivan Ram Railway Suraksha Bal Academy (Lucknow) has been recognised as Centralized Training Institute.

Staff Welfare

Per-capita contribution to Staff Benefit Fund will be increased from Rs 30 to Rs 35 per year.

Condition of Railway Staff colonies to be improved

50 room rest houses will be built near the Railway hospitals in the four metropolitan cities for stay of relatives of the patients.

An extensive training programme will be launched to inculcate market and customer oriented approach in frontline staff.

A committee has been constituted to improve promotion prospects of Group D employees.

Previous service tenure of ex-servicemen and central government employees recruited by Railways, will be added to their existing service tenure in the Railways while calculating eligibility for post retirement complimentary passes

Organisational and Human Resource Development

Training of Railway employees and officers to be reoriented towards changing economic and competitive environment

Institutions of GMs, DRMs, CAOs (Construction) to be strengthened and empowered for development as business units, profit centres and project units respectively.

Railway Staff College, Vadodara will be renovated as heritage building

A Railway chair will be established at IIM/Ahmedabad for research in railway infrastructure and management

Special Recruitment Drives 95% of the vacancies of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have been filled through special drives and 75% of backlog in the promotional quota has been cleared.

Action is being taken to fulfill the stipulated 27% quota of the OBC candidates.

Passenger Services

8 new Garib Raths to be introduced

New Trains : 32 pairs

Extension of Trains : 23 pairs

Increase in Frequency : 14 pairs

Annual Plan 2007-08

The Annual Plan of Rs 31,000 cr is the largest ever Annual Plan so far, which includes:

Support of Rs 7,611 cr from General Revenues.

Internal Generation of Rs 17,323 cr.

Extra Budgetary Resources of Rs 5,740 cr.

The thrust of the annual plan is to maintain the high growth in traffic, by focusing on early completion of works for throughput enhancement on high traffic density routes, improvement of traffic facilities and enhancing sectional capacity.

v High Density Network to be made suitable for running of Heavy Axle load trains

v Enhanced line capacity planned for on busy routes by implementing IBS, Automatic Signaling etc.

v Increase in speed of trains through fly-overs, bypass, yard redesign etc. at busy junction stations, will be built and will be modified

v 200 Diesel, 200 Electric engines and 11,000 wagons to be produced

Outlay on project related Plan heads : New Lines Rs 1,610 cr, Gauge conversion Rs 2,404 cr, Electrification Rs 300 cr, Metropolitan Transport Projects Rs 722 cr.

Outlay on Safety related Plan heads : Track renewal Rs 3,360 cr, Bridges Rs 597 cr, Signal & Telecommunication works Rs 1,597 cr, Road over/under bridges Rs 551 cr and manning of unmanned level crossings Rs 500 cr.

Important Targets : New Lines 500 kms, Gauge Conversion 1800 kms, Doubling 700 kms.

Rs 2,725 cr required for four National Projects

Other Important Announcements

New Electric Loco works to be set up at Madhepura.

Wagon Bogie Complex to be set up at Dalmia Nagar.

Shortfall of rolling stock bogies to be met by setting up of Joint venture company with Kerala Government at Alleppey.

Railways emerging International image

Railways to impart training to railway personnel of African countries

Chairman Railway Board elected as first chairman of Asian Railway Association and also as first non European President of International Railway Union (UIC )

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