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Indian Railway Budget 2009-2010
(July 03 2009)

Union Railway Minister, Mamata Banerjee presented Indian Railway Budget 2009-2010 on July 03 2009, with no change in passenger fares, freight rates.



• “Inclusive growth” and expansion of rail network to reach development to every corner of the country is core to developmental approach.

• Economically unviable projects need to be viewed with social perspective being economic necessity for backward areas and under privileged.

• Expert committee to advise on innovative financing and implementation of such projects.

Service to the Passengers

• Priority will be given to effect perceptible improvement in

Passenger Amenities
Quality of Railway catering
Safety and Security and

With focus on strict monitoring

• Extensive availability of Janata Khana, national and regional cuisines.

• 50 stations to be developed as world class stations.

• 375 stations to be upgraded as ‘Adarsh Stations’ with basic facilities including drinking water, adequate toilets, ladies dormitories etc.

• Multi-functional complexes to be constructed at 50 railway stations serving centres of pilgrimage, tourist and industry. To have shopping facilities, food stalls, budget hotels etc.

• ‘Onboard house keeping scheme’ to cover 200 additional pairs of trains; ‘improved linen management’ with modern mechanized automated laundries.

• Expanding facilities like ramps, special signage, lifts, escalators, special coaches for physically challenged and aged persons.

• Onboard availability of doctors in long-distance trains being considered; ambulance services to be provided in seven cities to start with.

• On-board infotainment services to be provided on important long-distance intercity trains.

• Toilet facilities to be introduced in DEMU/MEMU trains with journey time more than 2 hours.

• 1000 new PRS locations to be opened; UTS services to be expanded from 5000 to 8000 locations.

• Automated ticket vending machines to be installed at 200 large and medium sized stations.

• Taking ticketing to ‘Maa Mati Manush’ – grassroot, through issue of computerized tickets at Post offices and ‘Mushkil Aasaan’ mobile ticketing service vans.

• Air-conditioned double decker coaches for inter-city travel to be introduced.


• ‘Izzat’- A new scheme for travel with dignity. Issue of concessional MST of Rs 25 for people, with monthly income upto Rs 1,500, in unorganized sector, for travel upto 100 km.

• Press correspondents to get ‘photo identification cum credit cards’ on certification of PIB and other competent authorities instead of existing system of coupons.

concession of 30% to increase to 50% for Press Correspondents
50% concession for travel with spouse also to be given once a year.

• The existing student concession to be extended to students of Madrasas, higher Madrasas and senior Madrasas.

• Concessional MST available to students in Kolkata will be applicable for travel in Metro Rail Kolkata also.

Special Trains

• ‘Only ladies’ EMU trains to start in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata sub-urban during office rush hour.

• ‘Yuva Trains’ - New low-cost, air-conditioned, seated accommodation trains, dedicated specially for young generation and low-income groups.

To run from rural hinterland to major metros/cities; fare to range from Rs 299 upto 1500 km to Rs 399 upto 2500 km.
Weekly service on pilot basis to be introduced within 3 months between Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Kolkata.

• ‘Duronto trains’ - for the first time new Non-stop, point to point train services. Starting with 12 trains.

Other New Train Services

• 57 new train services to be introduced.

• Extension of 27 trains also envisaged.

• Frequency of 13 trains to be increased.


Interim Indian Railway Budget 2009-2010

Indian Railway Budget 2008-2009

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