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RBI asks banks to closely monitor unhedged foreign exchange exposure of clients

Dec 10, 2008: In terms of RBI circular dated December 5, 2003, banks were advised that they should have a policy which explicitly recognizes and takes into account risks arising on account of unhedged foreign exchange exposures of their clients. Banks were also advised that foreign currency loans above US $ 10 million, or such lower limits as may be deemed appropriate vis a vis the banks’ portfolios of such exposures, can be extended by banks only on the basis of a well laid out policy of their Boards with regard to hedging of such foreign currency loans.

Reserve Bank of India has reiterated, the instructions contained in the above circular and advised that the Board policy of banks should cover unhedged foreign exchange exposure of all their clients including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Further, for arriving at the aggregate unhedged foreign exchange exposure of clients, their exposure from all sources including foreign currency borrowings and External Commercial Borrowings should be taken into account.

Banks which have large exposures to clients should monitor and review on a monthly basis, through a suitable reporting system, the unhedged portion of the foreign currency exposures of those clients, whose total foreign currency exposure is relatively large (say, about US $ 25 million or its equivalent). The review of unhedged exposure for SMEs should also be done on a monthly basis. In all other cases, banks are required to put in place a system to monitor and review such position on a quarterly basis.

In the case of consortium / multiple banking arrangements, the lead role in monitoring the unhedged foreign exchange exposure of clients, as indicated above, would have to be assumed by the consortium leader / bank having the largest exposure.

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