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Name : A. Y. Pitre
Subject: Core Banking Solutions
Message : I am ex Dy. Gen. Manager(IT).The way public sectors bank are doing core banking implementation will not give quick benifit to Banks.

Banks should use IT to manage the business effectively.ABC analysis of any bank will show 15% customers constitute 80% business. In first phase Banks should capture only these customers on core Banking. Let there accounts be any where, all those accounts from the branches where those are should be brough on core banking system. Every day the total of debit and credit transactions of these customers accounts should be posted in one GL core banking account of the existing computerised or manual system. This will ensure that customers are not shifted from the branches.

Banks should have proper intranet communication facility betwwen the branches. The service to rest 85% customers who normally do the business from there own branch where the account is will be in a position to get facility of ATM,Internet Banking or IVR due to such facility.

It will also avoide every transaction to go to core system. This will save the communication jams.

I once again say that IT should be used for Managing the business. To moniter the performing assets rather than following non performing assets.

Banks Non customer based assets and liabilities should be on core banking along with this. This will ensure that 80% businesss wilkl be online real time. 15% where existing systems are running will be at the end of day and rest periodically.

I hope this sound OK.

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