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Student Guide to Education Loan - May2012

Price: E-Book(PDF)- Rs 225 (US$5)

Special Discounted Price :
E-Book(PDF)- Rs 110 (US$3)

Edition: May 2012
Format: e-book (Adobe Reader)
Fully Printable Version
This Publication is only available in PDF Format

With the growing economy of India, the demand for the Higher education has increased tremendously. As a result of this there has been a lot of demand for education loans. However it is often seen that for most of the students this is a first time experience. Also with the cut throat competition, students are under tremendous pressure to secure admission in the college of their choice. In such a hectic scenario it becomes very difficult for the student to run around gathering information for their education loans.

The students and the parents are also not aware of the various rules and regulations related to the education loans. They don’t know how to get all the information from one source and thus have to refer to various sources. This becomes very cumbersome and tiring leaving the students confused and stressed out in the end. In order to avoid this confusion, Banknet Publications has come up with the “Student Guide to Education Loan”. Whether it’s the RBI policies, repayment method, processing charges, security, various banks interest rate charges, etc. all the information is available in this handbook.

The purpose of this guide is to be a single source of information for any student or parent seeking education loan for higher studies. It has in-depth details about the various graduation and post graduation education loan schemes available in the market. The guide aims to make the loan taking process faster and help the students in taking the right decision by providing all the relevant information in an easy to understand format.

Highlights of the publication:

• A comprehensive guide for any student or parent interested in taking an education loan.

• All the requisite information in the context of education loan made available at one place.

• Various government rules and regulations related to education loan clarified in detail.

• List of various education loan providers along with the up to date rates are provided in the guide.


1. Introduction

2. Objectives of the Scheme

3. Applicability of the Scheme

4. Eligibility Criteria

5. Quantum of Finance

6. Margin

7. Security

8. Rate of Interest

9. Application Procedure

10. Documentation Requirements

11. Repayment

12. Follow Up Tracking

13. Processing Charges

14. Capability Certificate

15. Other Conditions

16. List of Education Loan Providers

17. Rate Chart

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