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"CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume V"- A collection of papers on banking, finance & technology
Knowledge, Research & Practices

List Price: E-Book(PDF)- Rs 700(US$30)

Edition: January 2008
Format: e-book (Adobe Reader)
Fully Printable Version
This Publication is available in PDF Format

Special Offer : E-Book(PDF)- Rs 350(US$10)

"CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume V" was released at Banknet's Fourth International Conference on Payment Systems in Banks on January 16th, 2008 at Mumbai.

Banknet India’s "CONTRIBUTIONS- Volume V" is a collection of 6 papers on payment systems by faculty from Business Schools & senior executives from Axis Bank, IBM Financial Services, Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Karnataka University, ICFAI National College etc.

Papers relate to the Current Landscape and Future of Indian Payment Systems, Role of IT in Cash Management & Settlement Systems, e-Payment Methods for e-commerce, Public Sector Banks in the widening horizon, Payments Customer Dispute and Resolution, and Integrating Alternate Payment Channels.

Paper – I 'Indian Payment Systems: An Analysis on its Current Landscape and Future' by Narinder Kumar Bhasin has traced the sweeping changes in the payment systems post liberalisation. The article of the compilation presents the development of the latest electronic clearing systems from the manual systems.

Paper – II 'Cash Management & Settlement Systems in India: Role of IT' by C. G. Praveen and Paras Verma discusses the impact of IT on Cash Management Services and Settlement systems. Cash management has grown rapidly in India over the past decade, and Indian banks are among the leading service providers in the region in terms of the variety and flexibility of cash management offerings by banks.

Paper – III 'E-Payment Methods for Electronic Commerce Transactions' by Ravi Gatam and Deepali Singh summarises the steps required to ensure wider acceptance of the electronic transaction tools. In addition, it also provides a vivid description to the aspects of E-money and related transactions.

Paper – IV 'Public Sector Banks in the Widening Horizon' by Nancy H. Vaz presents Public Sector Banks in the context of Global Village. The repercussions of the increased competition posed before them as result of widespread integration into the global economy, is detailed by the fourth article of the compilation contributed by Nancy H. Vaz.

Paper – V 'Payments Customer Disputes and Issues Resolution' by Anil Somani stresses on effective customer dispute and issue resolution to ensure customer retention, combat fraud and contain avoidable revenue loss. This paper highlights the pain points and establishes the vision and context for uniformly addressing customer issues and disputes.

Paper – VI 'Integrating Alternate Payment Channels' by Saurabh Agarwal focuses on integrating the alternate payment channels. This paper has attempted to identify the various practical issues associated with the electronic payment systems, including the payment integration problem, to help to increase the efficiency of electronic payment systems.

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