COFFI SHORTS– Short Films Contest 2012

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Short Films are a smaller version of the feature films, exploring the potential & intellect of a Filmmaker. Keeping in mind the importance of Short Films, Banknet Group & Six Sigma Films have announced Short Films Contest 2012. This contest is specifically designed to inspire talent by providing a platform to showcase their talents in front of senior filmmakers & film investors.

Finalist Films will be screened at the Conference on Film Finance on 18th Dec 2012 at JW Marriott. It is a Rare Opportunity to showcase the talent to a large gathering of Film & Financial Industry Leaders. This contest will be providing a platform for the filmmakers to candidly connect with the film & finance industry leaders and film investors. Last date to submit films is 6th Dec 2012. . Late fee applicable from 27th Nov 2012.

Categories of the Contest:

1. Short Films:
Winner (s) – 3 | Duration – up to 15 minutes (maximum)

2. Animation Movies:
Winner (s) – 2 | Duration – up to 15 minutes (maximum)

3. Documentaries:
Winner (s) – 1 | Duration – up to 15 minutes (maximum)

Benefits for all Participant(s):

• All participating films will get a participation certificate

• Selected films will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel

• Mention of the films on facebook network of Six Sigma Films

Benefits for the Finalist(s):

• Free delegate pass for 2nd Conference on Film Finance to the finalists

• Finalist(s) will be provided with a certificate

• Film will be screened at the conference

• Film will also be propagated through the social media network of Six Sigma Films & Group

• Rare Opportunity to showcase the talent to a large gathering of Film & Financial Industry Leaders

• Networking Opportunities with top film makers, producers & investors

• Understanding the financing, marketing, distribution & pitching for films from the experts at the conference

• Connectivity to the other International Film Festivals

Additional Benefits for the Winner(s):

• Winner(s) will be awarded with a momento & certificate at the conference by the eminent jury/filmmakers/guests

• Brief introduction/profile of the Film/Filmmaker in the Conference Booklet

Benefits for Institute(s):

If any of their student's film is able to make it into the list of finalists, the institute name will also find a special mention in the conference & the faculty will also be eligible for discounted rates for the Film Finance Conference..

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Participation in the contest is restricted to individuals who are above 18 years of age

2. All films / documentaries in all genres shot after 1st January 2009, within a running duration of up to 15 minutes are eligible for the contest.

3. Participants should not be under any contractual or other obligation that would prohibit them from licensing the Entry / Film to Banknet Group / Six Sigma Films.

4. Employees of Six Sigma Films, Banknet Group (Bnet India Pvt Ltd) and partner companies are not eligible to participate in the contest.

Jury of COFFI Short Films Contest 2012 comprise of -
Mr. Tilak Raj Magan, Mr Kireet Khurana, Mr Vincent Corda, Mr Ramesh Tekwani


Main Partner is Lotus Allied Mediamatics Pvt Ltd. Associate Partner is Amicorp Advisory Services. Other partners are - Western India Film Producers' Association, Indian Film Exporters Association, Gujarati Film & Television Producers' Association, The Bankers Club,,,, 1takemedia. com, audiencematters. com, Take One, "BlockBuster", Docs & Shorts, Shamiana,, and Majestic MRSS.

2nd edition of COFFI- Conference on Film Finance
Second Edition of COFFI- Conference on Film Finance will be organized on 18th Dec 2012, JW Marriott, Mumbai. It includes Film Finance Awards 2012 & Short Films Contest 2012. In second edition, the conference will also have an exhibition in the pre conference area. It will also focus on advantages of digital cinema & latest technologies to produce cost effective content without compromising on the quality of the content. The conference will provide networking & business opportunities between filmmakers & investors. Around 200 participants from the Financial and Entertainment Sector will be attending the conference. ........ Read More

Jury of COFFI Film Finance Awards 2012 comprise of - Mr. Ganesh Jain; Mr. Govind Nihalani; Mr. N Chandra; Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani; Mr. Vashu Bhagnani .... For more Click Here

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